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Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless offers year-round ongoing emergency shelter for homeless families and individuals that are unable to resolve their housing crisis without significant support.

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966 Main Street, Bennington VT | 802-442-2424

966 Main Shelter

Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless offers emergency shelter services for homeless adults over the age of 18 at our 966 Main Street Shelter, known as “966 Main”.

It is a 16 bed coed facilitated that operates on a first-come first-serve basis. Once you are admitted into the 966 Main program, your bed is secured each day until you secure permanent housing. A housing case manager will be provided to help you develop a plan toward self-sufficiency.

966 Main also serves as a drop-in center for homeless individuals to gain access to case management services, clothing, food, bedding, personal care items, and bathroom/showers.


212 Pleasant Street, Bennington VT | 802-442-2424

Thatcher House Family Shelter

Emergency shelter is also offered to families with children under the age of 18, known as Thatcher House Family Shelter.

It is a 9-unit facility that offers families separate and private living quarters. Shelter and services for families focus on coordinated entry and prioritizing a housing path for higher-need families.

Thatcher House Family Shelter typically maintains a waiting list.

McCall Street, Bennington Vermont 05201 | 802-442-2424

Unlocking Recover Project

Not Open to the Public.

The Unlocking Recovery Project is a long-term housing program designed to support homeless families with a member in recovery. We know that recovery is an ongoing lifestyle, and therefore requires a different type of service. The goal is to provide an environment to nurture recovery and self-sufficiency, while providing concrete tolls to break the cycle of homeless AND addiction. In partnership with the Turning Point Club and Recovery Center of Bennington and the Hawethorne Center, our residents gain access to solid supportive services that keeps homeless families together during the recovery process. This program began in October 2015.

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